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Friday, September 08, 2006

Mark Green's Endorsements

Antid Oto may be ambivalent about Mark Green, but I agree with the logic of some of Green's other endorsers.

For example, from the New York Times (after they discuss Green's professional accomplishments compared to Cuomo's record as a total hack):

Mr. Green has run for a lot of offices and has frequently been undone by his prickly personality. But when elected, he has always repaid voters by doing the job well.
I couldn't say it better, though I'd add that I also trust Green's commitment to social justice, based on his record.

The Village Voice, which hasn't endorsed, did do an important story about Cuomo's ties to a slum lord.

And, from the Daily News

Green served as city consumer affairs commissioner under Mayor David Dinkins, is an advocate in the mold of Ralph Nader and came close to defeating Michael Bloomberg for mayor in 2001. His accomplishments include petitioning the Federal Trade Commission to bar "Joe Camel" cigarette ads aimed at children. His plans for the AG's office include targeting abusive practices by HMOs and, as is standard for all candidates this year, attacking Medicaid fraud.

Green envisions an office that is oriented toward consumer protection and says that, at age 61, attorney general is his career "destination." Voters would have a good idea what they would get in choosing Green on Tuesday.
Who cares if he's behind in the polls? These endorsements could help him surge in this, the last weekend.

Green is the best choice.


In terms of blog endorsements, my favorite has got to be from Gatemouth:

Mark Green thinks he should be US Senator, would like to be Mayor, and now understands that, like Alan Hevesi, his future glory lies in the past, and it’s time to settle for one of those elected positions to which New Yorkers like to give life tenure. If he serves as long as Louie Lefkowitz or Arthur Levitt, he can maximize his pension while becoming a beloved alter kocker and having a state office building named for him which will eventually be turned into luxury condos.


Green worked for Ralph Nader, but in that distant point in time when this was not embarrassing to admit. Cuomo’s folks have apparently tried to use the Nader connections against Green, but Green actually tried to talk Nader out of running for President (and used their relationship in an attempt to leverage him). And seriously, does anyone really believe that Green will ever express the same opinions on Israel as Nader (even if he shared them), and how would he do so as AG anyway? While working for Nader, Green apparently compiled a solid record of muckraking, which he carried through to his positions as Consumer Affairs Commissioner and Public Advocate. He’s clearly been the gold standard in each of these positions, although that means he’s to be compared to the likes of Bess Meyerson and Bruce Ratner in the former, and Betsy Gotbaum in the latter. Arguably, this all translates into relevant experience for an AG; though Green seems more the sharpshooter than the Police Chief or DA.


Mark Green’s record is at least marginally more relevant to the job than Andrew’s. Andrew’s record of “public service” to the state of New York does not deserve to be rewarded. And, voting for Mark Green is the only opportunity voters in a statewide primary will have to effectively send a message that it is time to put an end to politics as usual as practiced by the Albany bi-partisan iron triangle. Voting for Mark Green may be the equivalent of cold showers and root canal, but no one ever said that growing up would be fun.


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