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Monday, July 10, 2006

The 2006 Second Annual Left Behinds Hottest Gay Journalist In New York Awards

It's time to once again crown the Hottest Gay Journalist In New York. This contest, as you may remember, is open to all male newspaper, TV, and magazine reporters/writers (not always technically journalists, true, but there are just so many more gay magazine writers than gay newspaper journalists) living in the New York area who identify or can be identified as gay, bi, queer, etc. As a prize, last year's winner was made editor of Radar Magazine. This year's winner will get to go on an all-expense-paid, luxury date with a very hot young celebrity blogger.

After brainstorming with friends and colleagues at the Left Behinds headquarters (actually a BBQ in Park Slope this Saturday, along with a follow-up mass drunkemail), we came up with some initial nominees. Please vote or nominate others either in the comments or via email.

Without further ado, the 2006 nominees, in alphabetical order:

Christopher Bollen
This editor of V Magazine, art critic for Artforum, The Believer, and the New York Times, and Number One Fan of Joan Didion was spotted on Gay Pride Sunday watching fireworks with an almost impossibly hot young man with a shaved head, so it is unclear if he is single. However, Me Magazine seems to think he's hot, so you might, too.

Anderson Cooper
I hesitate to include him, because his giggle attack on the Daily Show has apparently endeared him to everyone to the left of Mary Cheney, and I'm afraid he might be the runaway winner. For me, "hot" includes longstanding, reliable progressive values, and I for one don't buy the Katrina crocodile tears of this former host of The Mole and epigone of the Vanderbilt dynasty. But you guys are the nominators... All I can do is try to choose ridiculous photos.

David France
This contributor to New York Magazine and author of a bestseller about the sins of the Catholic Church was actually nominated by another of this year's nominees. Might this contest become the Super Sperm Club of Gay New York?

Linda Greenhouse
He's been writing about the Supreme Court at the New York Times for years now, you've enjoyed his punditry on PBS's News Hour, and the only question remaining is: are the rumors true that he's gay? We're not sure, but we're going to cross our fingers and include him.

Patrick Healy
This New York Times political reporter won me over the first time he traded barbs with some right-wing nutjob on NY1's Inside City Hall. He's like the hotter, smarter Ben Affleck. Oh, and he kind of always looks like he partied too hard the night before, yet is reliably clever.

Richard Kim
This Nation contributor and leading light of the queer left is writing a book about sex and empire, and one of our nominators suggested he "wouldn't mind some nation-building from" RK. Keep it PG-13, tiger.

Elvis Mitchell
The New York Times may have fired his ass, but his quirky reviews were good enough for Harvard, NPR, and Columbia Pictures, where he now works as a movie exec. And you know what they say about the length of a man's dreds.

Chris Rovzar
In the words of the nominator, "Clearly not as big-time as AC but much hotter in my opinion. He was at Yale with me, so I got to admire him first-hand." This New York Daily News entertainment reporter is included for all you twink-lovers.

Andrew "Big Dick" Sullivan
That's not my nickname for him, that's how he was punningly nominated by a journalist friend of mine (but note how much wider apart his arms are than Elvis Mitchell's parallel gesture above -- and it's best to pretend you didn't even notice the span in the Linda Greenhouse photo). Sullivan is perhaps most famous for being daily derided in the tag line at the top of Left Behinds.

So... further nominations? Votes? Thoughts? I'd especially like to nominate other progressive journalists, since I had to hold my nose to type out the Andrew Sullivan nomination.

The winner will be announced in one week, so get voting.

UPDATE: Some people have questioned the gayness of a couple of the nominees (Elvis Mitchell and Patrick Healy). I am merely repeating the nominations as relayed to me. As far as Mitchell, the journalist/writer who nominated claims that EM is "totally out of the closet," but who really knows.

UPDATE II: We've received hundreds of votes (thanks for the link, Jossip), and the top four as of 9 p.m. 7/12, in descending order, are Richard Kim, Patrick Healy, Linda Greenhouse, and Christopher Bollen. Keep sending your votes, or put them in the comments.

UPDATE III: Some Gawker gumshoes have fact-checked this post and determined that both Andrew Sullivan and Linda Greenhouse actually reside in the DC metro area (Greenhouse with his longtime companion Eugene Fidell, whose rarely-snapped pic I will pay good money for). It breaks my heart (Greenhouse was in second place!), but unless I can ascertain that Greenhouse and Sullivan share a Chelsea pied-a-terre, they are both disqualified.

Anyhow, voting ends Wednesday night, so keep voting. With Greenhouse out of the picture, it is on.

UPDATE IV: As of Thursday afternoon July 20, voting has ended, and the results are in. We have a winner.


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