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Friday, September 08, 2006

Left Behinds Primary Endorsements: A Slate of Losers

As is often the case, half the people I'm going to endorse I can't even vote for, and I'm pretty sure every single one of them is going to lose. Politics kind of sucks sometimes. Anyway.

US Senate:

Jonathan Tasini
A pothole on the the Hillary-for-President highway. Do your part to widen that pothole just a smidge.

House of Representatives:

CD-10: Charles Barron
Seth Williams, a transient presence on Room 8, put it best:

[A]s a result of facing two paltry and absurd candidates who were buoyed by labor anger, [Ed] Towns now coasts to re-election even firmer in his commitment to business interests and less dependent on the working families of Brooklyn who so badly need his help.

If I thought Charles Barron had any chance at all of winning, I would say forget it. But the more votes that go to "Not Ed Towns", the more likely Ed Towns is to Not Forget About His Constituents. As much.

CD-11: Chris Owens
Like you couldn't guess. This is the one candidate I'm genuinely excited about--the only one I've donated to, I think. Meanwhile Andrews is a crook, Clarke is a liar, and Yassky will enable us into war with Iran. Sadly, while the latest poll shows the race a 4-way tie, I would predict either an Andrews or Yassky win at this point, based purely on machine ties (Andrews) and sick money (Yassky).

New York State Goverment

Governor: Whatever.

Attorney General: ?
Here I am forced to choose between two losers: Mark Green and Sean Patrick Maloney. I like Sean Patrick Maloney more, but he has no chance in hell of winning. But I think Mark Green would be a much more dynamic AG than Andrew Cuomo--his tenure as New York City Public Advocate was pretty impressive, until he threw it all away in one of the worst campaigns ever. If Mark Green weren't such an asshole, Andrew Cuomo might not have locked up the entire state's party machinery so easily. On the other hand, the fact that Mark Green is an asshole is what would make him a more aggressive AG.

Anyway, the basic question is this: if Mark Green is close enough that he might possibly win, you should probably vote for Green. But if Mark Green is going to lose anyway, don't hold your nose, just go with distant third-place finisher and much better all-around guy Sean Patrick Maloney.

Apropos of nothing, Cuomo is up 47-27 in the latest poll.


40th AD: Not Diane Gordon
I'm pretty sure we have heavy readership in East New York. That's why Maurice Gumbs keeps insisting no one in the district knows she was caught on tape soliciting a $500,000 bribe. Two months ago I called it the ultimate in chutzpah that she was still running for reelection. That was before I understood that she was going to win. Jesus.

57th AD: Bill Batson
I found this story about Hakeem Jeffries pretty damning.

Hakeem's latest flyer takes a pretty clear anti-Ratner stand. And yet when he thinks he is among Ratner supporters, he takes a completely different stand. A gentleman contacted me specifically to convey an anecdote. Here are his words (he spoke on the record):

Though I do not know Mr. Jeffries personally and have not had extended conversations with him on this issue, I feel I should relay to you what he told me around 6:45 P.M. on August 23, 2006. As I was waiting to get into the public hearing regarding the Atlantic Yards Project DEIS, Mr. Jeffries came down the line shaking hands. As he shook my hand, I asked Mr. Jeffries if he had a solid position on the project as it now stands. Mr. Jeffries looked me in the eye and said that he was "fully in favor of the project" and that he thought "it will be great for Brooklyn."

As I said, I don't know the man personally. I can only tell you what he told me that evening. I take him at his word, that he is fully in favor of the Ratner Atlantic Yards project as it is described in the current DEIS.

--Jeff Newell

Jeff emphasized to me that he was standing "in a sea" of people wearing red ACORN shirts, so it probably appeared to Hakeem that Jeff was pro-Ratner. Hakeem was presumably telling him what he thought he wanted to hear.

State Senate

18th SD: Velmanette Montgomery
I almost didn't endorse here just because I'm pretty sure Montgomery will win, and that breaks the perfect streak of the post. But Tracy Boyland is Bruce Ratner's candidate. I'm sure 90% of our readership who gives a shit already knew that, but for the 10% who don't I'm screwing up my aesthetics, and if you know me, you know that means something.

25th SD: Look elsewhere for insight. I haven't followed this one at all.

UPDATE (from Solomon):

I endorse Mark Green for Attorney General. As you wrote, he was a kick-ass Public Advocate. Let's not forget how many times and for how many good reasons he sued Giuliani, his first-mover opposition to NYPD racial profiling, his consumer advocacy work with Nader back in the day, etc., etc. The man has an excellent record, is smart as fuck, and was born to be Attorney General. Who cares if he looks funny or is something other than charming. Betsy Gotbaum is charming.

UPDATE II (Antid Oto writing):

NoLandGrab links to this slate and notes

a lack of confidence in the 'winningness' of the good guys. Remember, the only way to win this is to help out, not to sit around and pout. If you're not signed up yet to volunteer on primary day, contact your favorite campaign office or contact us to help out with NoLandGrab's efforts.
This is fair enough, except that I endorsed at least two of the candidates for tactical reasons specifically because I am convinced they are going to lose. Of the others there is only one, as I said, that I'm actually passionate about, and while I haven't been able to give my time (and can't on primary day, either, since I have to vote and then travel), I have given him money.

I would say this at NoLandGrab directly, except they don't have comments.

Also, seriously, don't tell me not to pout. I pout like a fuckin' champ. I pout artistically.


  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Solomon Grundy said…

    Also, I'd tentatively say vote Suozzi for governor, by the same logic of voting against Ed Towns, so that Spitzer doesn't let a landslide allow him to forget about his constituents. As much.

    Actually, usually in those landslide elections I vote Green Party. And I don't think it's a wasted vote.

  • At 3:53 PM, Blogger Solomon Grundy said…

    Just don't vote for anybody on the Rent is Too Damn High ticket, no matter how appealing that name might seem when you first encounter it in the ballot booth.

  • At 8:48 PM, Blogger Solomon Grundy said…

    I have only just read Gatemouth's excellent series of endorsements/ruminations on the various elections.

    He addresses the question of Maloney pretty persuasively:

    Maloney distinguished himself with his first ad, which promised he’d go into federal court to stop Bush Administration wiretapping. He’s also promised to stop the Atlantic Yards project. This reminds me of (of all people) Joe Hynes’ criticizing former AG Ollie Koppell for spending more time on condos and co-ops than crime (an obsession that reflected the office’s jurisdiction). The AG’s office is not a license to go hunting for unicorns and bandersnatch. Are liberal voters really as stupid as Maloney thinks they are? Apparently not, because he’s since faded to the right; he’s now the only AG candidate speaking out in favor of executions (so ends the resemblance to Hynes). Well, unlike Atlantic Yards, the AG might actually get a chance to have something to do with executions, but that does not really seem to me a point in Maloney’s favor. Now, I’ve voted for pro-death candidates before (I’ll likely be doing so November in the Governor’s race), even sometimes against a candidate who shared my opposition to capital punishment, but a vote for Maloney would seem most appropriate as a protest which allows voters to keep their hands clean; and I, for one, do not cast “clean hands” protest votes for pro-death penalty candidates when there is another option. Since there appears to be little other rationale for Maloney’s candidacy, I’ll move on to the lesser of the evils analysis.

  • At 3:06 AM, Blogger Antid Oto said…

    Maloney has only backed the death penalty for terrorists. Granted, that's more death penalty than I'd like, but it's hardly a huge lurch to the rihgt. If I was strictly evaluating the candidates based on which ones I'd most like to see as AG, on balance he'd probably be my choice. That's why I framed my calculation the way I did. If Mark Green has a chance, he'd be far superior to Cuomo. If he doesn't really have a chance, I'd go with Maloney because what's the difference? Why vote for the protest candidate you like less?

    At the moment, I am probably going to vote for Green.

  • At 11:32 AM, Blogger Solomon Grundy said…

    Care to write a precis of why Maloney is better than Green?

    I haven't researched him enough. I just got the impression he was running merely to raise his own profile (unlike, say, Tasini or Suozzi, who have platforms to sincerely push), so I stopped paying attention to him.

  • At 2:47 PM, Blogger Antid Oto said…

    Care to write a precis of why Maloney is better than Green?

    Not really. Since I'm probably going to vote for Green anyway, it seems like a waste of time. I'm not going to argue for someone I don't plan to vote for.

  • At 8:19 PM, Blogger Solomon Grundy said…

    Fair enough.

    Maloney just seems like such a Clintonite.

    Besides, I hate gay people.


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