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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


No, not the fact that Assemblywoman Diane Gordon (40th AD, East New York) was, as mole333 describes it:

caught on videotape demanding that a developer build her a $500,000 house in exchange for using her influence to steer a city-owned vacant lot into his hands.

That's only Bernie-Kerik-level chutzpah. But this, friends, is in another stratosphere:

A grand jury voted to indict Gordon earlier this year. But prosecutors withheld the charges after the assemblywoman -- once confronted with the videos -- agreed to cooperate with a broader corruption investigation and to resign, said Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes.

But Hynes claimed Gordon recently notified his office she was pulling out of the deal and intended to run for re-election.

NBC story with video clip.
NY Times story.


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