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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Follow the trials of bright Bridget Blodgett!

This book is a cross between Dr. Seuss and Ayn’s Rand’s Atlas Shrugged. Ayn Rand would be proud of the message and Dr. Seuss would be proud of the beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse in this lively tale of free-markets versus excessive government regulation.

Hardcover, 27 beautifully illustrated pages! Follow the trials of bright Bridget Blodgett as she struggles to produce her widgets and wodgets in the face of increasing taxation! Find out what happens when the islanders and their businesses can no longer support the bureaucracy that has somehow grown from the best of intentions! This beautifully illustrated hard-bound book extols the virtues of free markets, and shows what can go wrong when government bureaucracy gets out of control! For free market advocates of all ages!

Oh. Dear. God. Good thing I have no young relatives. I'd be busy ordering all of them a certain highly gay gift right about now.

(Click photo and enlarge to see a sample of the "beautiful illustrations and rhyming verse." Poor Teddy Geisel. He didn't deserve to be dragged into this.)


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