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Monday, January 16, 2006

Christine Quinn: The Movie

Continuing what may or may not turn out to be a regular feature, here's the official Left Behinds casting for

Christine Quinn: The Movie

Christine Quinn, pushy advocate for progressive reform, or the 21st century face of old-fashioned machine politics?

Well, Gawker argues for Charlotte Rea, but we here at Left Behinds aren't going for the cheap laughs. We're pushy advocates for progressive reform. Therefore, we cast

Rosie (and click on that link if you don't believe Rosie's got mad thespian skills)

Kim Catullo, Christine's law-practicing (which law? of desire?) lady love, or the Rasputin behind the throne?

Well, some sleuthy wonks believe she actually is

a Transamerican Matt Dillon

Councilman Simcha Felder, the Borough Park rep who allegedly ran to the boys room during Quinn's speaker vote because Orthodox "rabbinic authorities" forbid him from voting for an openly gay candidate, or simply a nice Jewish boy with a bit of an incontinence problem?

Well, I'm waging a one-man campaign to get her more work, and she knows from uncontrollable bodily fluids, so why not

Courtney (post rehab, pre-anorexia)

Tom Manton, Queens Democratic Boss who anointed Quinn and therefore has her in his pocket thus perpetuating New York's permanent and pemanently corrupt unelected government, or wuvvable huggable teddy weddy beary wary?

Well, he may not have the years or gravitas, but he sure has the massive Irish potato head:

Conan O'Brian, featured with his other doppelganger, Finnish President Tarja Halonen

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