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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Text of the story "Brokeback Mountain"

The New Yorker took the story down, so I'm just going to post the story below. I hope this inspires folks to read Wyoming Stories, the collection that includes "Brokeback Mountain." It helps to contextualize Brokeback (and includes many other fantastic stories -- it's definitely Proulx's best work).

I also hope you explore the rest of Left Behinds. We're more than just a bright pink background (our Best of is a good place to start).

Other posts about Brokeback:

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Brokeback Desert (the discovery of a tomb of two Egyptian gay lovers, plus the story of the gay Egyptian gods Horus and Set)

Brokeback Arctic (the true story of the sexual rituals of gay whales)

Anyhow, without further ado ...


No longer. Sorry, but we got a nasty legal notice. Begin reading the full text here, click through to the remainder here. Or buy the book.

UPDATE 2008:
This currently works. If it doesn't, try googling a snatch of the story in quotes, such as "They believed themselves invisible, not knowing Joe Aguirre" -- just an idea.


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