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Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Shelly the Fat Lady sings

Or rather, no one paid him off to say no and he never really cared.

Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today is set to give the nearly $4 billion Atlantic Yards project for Brooklyn a green light.

The Manhattan Democrat told the Post he'll likely have his appointee vote in favor of the controversial project at today's Public Authorities Control Board meeting, with one caveat: that Gov. Pataki not link it to "pork barrel" projects Silver opposes.


"If [Pataki] puts it on the PACB agenda as an individual item, not one item that is contained in a big package of pork and everything, it's a good bet that I would support it," he said.

Via NoLandGrab.

I think the simplest summation of what's wrong with the whole AY proposal and process --and really what's wrong with New York government as a whole--comes from BrooklynSpeaks.net: No Brooklyn official will get to vote on the project. A huge project in the middle of Brooklyn involving lots of public land, the exercise of eminent domain, and outright public subsidy, and no one from the affected county gets a vote. Fucking Robert Moses 2006.


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