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Tuesday, December 05, 2006

RNC Aftermath

It looks like a recent court decision in three RNC cases was huge and could lead to massive damages awarded to the many people fucked over by the City during the RNC protests two years ago.

From OnNYTurf,

Last week a court ruled that the NYPD has admitted it has no evidence for arresting 23 out of 24 people in a mass roundup during the RNC. This ruling is a likely forecast of things to come in thousands of RNC false arrest lawsuits the city is facing for NYPD mass arrests made during the Republican National Convention period in NYC in 2004. The NYPD admission is hugely significant in that it basically means the NYPD had no grounds for having arrested and detained 23 out of 24 plaintiffs in these cases.

Legal experts predict this admission just about guarantees that the city will pay millions of dollars to these people in damages for being falsely arrested. And these are just some of the first RNC cases among thousands winding their way through NY courts.

In Washington DC, a very similar lawsuit was just settled a few weeks ago, in which 7 people were awarded damages of $635,000 after the DC police admitted to sweeping people off the streets on erroneous charges and detaining them for prolonged periods of time during 2001 Bush inauguration protests.

It almost makes me wish I had gotten arrested.


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