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Friday, December 15, 2006

Probably insane.

So now we're supposed to listen to the guy who dreamed up Star Wars?

Actually, if it works... I would love to believe this country will apply itself, Manhattan Projectstyle, to reducing carbon emissions, but let's be brutally honest: we probably won't do it in time. It's 50 degrees here in Brooklyn today, in the middle of December, and it's been this warm all week. Weather is getting way too freaky. If we can buy ourselves more time by spreading sulfur particles in the upper atmosphere (and by the way, more time at this point means more than 10 yearswe only have 10 years or so to avert total catastrophe), we may need to do it.

Meanwhile, Grist has been running an interesting series on biofuels. More information than you could ever digest (haws! digest! corn! get it?), all in one place.


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