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Monday, December 18, 2006

Freedom of Assembly and Andy Samberg's Penis

There was a cool show on WBAI this morning about the parade permitting rules (you can listen to it here, click on Out FM at 11 am today). They interviewed Councilmember Rosie Mendez, Leslie Cagan from UFPJ, Chris Dunn from the NYCLU, and Mark Taylor from Assemble for Rights.

The most newsworthy moment comes about 35 minutes in, when Chris Dunn reveals a bit of insider knowledge: According to Dunn, Chris Quinn has been working hard on this behind the scenes even though she has been completely silent since the November hearings. She and the NYPD have been so evasive that everybody has been left wondering what the hell is up with her, so it's very good to hear that she's prioritizing it.

Also, Mark Taylor from Assemble for Rights rather strongly resembles Andy Samberg.

(Well, a bit, at least. Just looking for an excuse to post that, really)


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