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Monday, November 20, 2006

Zizek Tonight

Slavoj ŽZizek

when: Mon 11.20 (7pm)
where: Tilton Gallery (8 E 76th St, 212.737.2221)
(RSVP required) info@jacktiltongallery.com

Though when Neda Cole and I saw Alain Badiou there on Friday, nobody was checking RSVPs. But Alain Badiou, Alain Badiou who maybe five people in NYC have actually read, was thronged. We had to push our way through the crowd yet were among the last people let up, and as we were walking up, some geeky little grad-student-looking man actually tried to pull Neda down the stairs in order to get her seat. It was the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show. And then it was so crowded in the actual room that some old man who was essentially giving Neda a lap dance kept rubbing his scalp absentmindedly, so that dandruff chunks big enough for my myopic eyes to spot cascaded down her blouse.

Which is all to say, i recommend standing in the back.

I can't go because i have to finish this Pynchon/Zak Smith review. But if you have a penchant for geekyhot, Badiou at least was a smorgasborg, like a critical theory Jdate. I spent most of the lecture making eyes at a sublimely pouty-lipped young man across the room.


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