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Tuesday, November 21, 2006

PS Pepsi Challenge

I'm posting today's Lunchbox partly because it's funny, but mostly because does anyone else find his "turkey gobble" strangely erotic, like some secret lesbian siren song? Now that I think about it, his sex appeal is a bit lesbionic (which is not a dig).

Also, I love Rangel's draft bill. He's definitely there to keep us progressives happy, in a meaningless sort of way.

After checking out the Blue Tiger Dems site, it seems more like the Blue-Haired Tiger Dems (oh snap!). Seriously, it's very senior-oriented. Which is cool by me. Everybody knows seniors disproportionately vote.


  • At 4:25 PM, Blogger Antid Oto said…

    Actually, I'm not crazy about Rangel's bill. A) I don't like bringing up legislation you don't believe in as a way of making an entirely different point, and B) as I said to Emma B, Rangel is seriously underestimating the press's ability to miss that point.

    It's also a confused point. The Iraq War would be no more just if it were fought by a wider cross-section of the populace, and as Adam Green rightly points out, having a draft in the past didn't actually force our policymakers to put their own children at risk. Meanwhile there are a lot of inequities, questionable practices, and outright lies involved in recruitment, but addressing those forthrightly, even in the context of a draft debate, would mean the cable news shows would have to criticize the armed forces. They're never going to do that.


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