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Thursday, November 16, 2006

Patch 'em up. Ship 'em back.

It's great that prosthetics have advanced so far. But this part gives me nightmare visions:

Once, a soldier who had lost a limb in battle would have been pensioned off or transferred to a desk job. Now, though, some are being passed as fit for duty and are being allowed to return to the frontline.

"The mindset, even as early as five years ago, was if a soldier had impairments such as an amputation, they are unfit and they may be at risk to others around them if put in a combat situation. That has changed," says Colonel Daniel Garvey, Deputy Commander of the US Army Physical Disability Agency.

"If a soldier wants to remain on active duty, we are going to find a job for him. That is a cultural change for us."

When the other leg goes, fuck it, slap another prosthetic on that one and send him back again. Better yet, if the hand goes replace it with a chainsaw. That would be AWESOME.


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