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Tuesday, November 14, 2006

The Hills Have Penises

I have conservatives in my life who periodically forward me the latest conservative funnies, usually involving Hillary. For example, I just got sent this deeply, embarrassingly unfunny animation called "You ain't woman enough to run this land."

My favorite, from a couple years ago, was probably

It's kind of brilliant how it so succinctly encapsulates the punch line of all the jokes, i.e., "HILLARY HAS A PENIS."

What is with that? Why does this one joke in infinite iteration endlessly delight fans of Rush Limbaugh? Hillary is not even a particularly manly woman. I mean, Will Ferrell's impersonation of Janet Reno always got me giggling because he looked exactly like her (the real Reno's surprise guest appearance on SNL, breaking through a cinderblock wall to confront her doppelganger, just about sent me to the hospital), but Hillary's a perfectly feminine woman. Perhaps less so in her college days, but c'mon.


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