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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Elephant Wasting Away at St. Louis Zoo

We were asked to cross-post the following:

As the St. Louis Zoo celebrates the birth of a newbaby elephant, Clara, a 53-year old elephant at thezoo, slowly and painfully wastes away. Captured fromthe wild as an infant, Clara has spent her life in St.Louis confined to the Zoo's tiny yards and concretebarn stalls. She suffers from painful arthritis,chronic foot abscesses and sole erosions as a directresult of the cramped and unnatural zoo environment.Please "Take Action" to express your outrage atClara's suffering and demand that the new baby, herfamily and all the elephants at St. Louis Zoo betransferred to a sanctuary with the space and naturalhabitat elephants need. Please send prewritten letterfrom the web (or print and mail):
Source: The Elephant Sanctuary News/Oct 16, 2006


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