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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

So Said Said

According to one of my favorite journalists, the new Edward Said documentary "is less minimalist than merely insubstantial. At times it awkwardly blends the talking-heads format with dollops of cinema verité in its interviews, and Sato’s voiceover narration sometimes smacks of the grade-school primer (“Israel is without question the country of the Jews”). No question, it’s good to see that Said’s work lives on and it’s interesting to think what the material would look like in the hands of other filmmakers too—a sharp-eyed collage of found footage by Errol Morris, perhaps, or a melancholic cine-essay by Chris Marker."

That's too bad, because I was thinking of seeing it. But since Errol Morris and Chris Marker are definitely, definitely Left Behinds readers, this is a veritable call to arms.


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