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Monday, September 18, 2006

Straight Talk from a Gay American

I might actually watch (or at least watch Youtube highlights of) Ol' Blowjob Lips on Oprah tomorrow. Will she probe his corruption? Explore the dark interiors of his pay-to-play scheme? Ram her moral indignation down his prevaricating throat? I am now on the record saying I sure would.

Those lips

According to Room 8, he's been getting fluffed by New York Mag.

"Noteworthy in former New Jersey Governor James McGreevey's monstrous NY Mag confession today is his frankness on the politician-donor tete-a-tete:"

All my financial contributors were vying for payback as well. My goal had been to raise $40 million for the campaign, which, unless you’re a Clinton or a Bush, is an obscene amount to pull out of pockets. You can’t take large sums of money from people without making them specific and personal promises in return. People weren’t shy about saying what they expected for their “investments”—board appointments to the Sports Authority or the New Jersey Economic Development Authority, for example, which were coveted not just for their prestige but because they offered control over tremendously potent economic engines, with discretionary budgets in the tens of millions. The plum was the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey; directors there controlled a multi-billion-dollar budget. I tried to stay as naïve about this horse trading as possible. But I allowed my staff to intimate things to donors. This is the daredevil’s dance every politician faces.


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