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Thursday, August 10, 2006

The most subtext-laden anodyne political advertisement ever

Azi Paybarah asks what we think of this ad.

"John Spencer loves Mom, Apple Pie, and served in the Military, unlike KT MacFarland and Hillary Clinton, both of whom probably would have dodged the draft if they weren't women. John Spencer was elected Mayor of a city we won't name because people upstate don't actually know where Yonkers is and it sounds funny. John Spencer likes to hug his Photogenic Family and wants to be Senator. That means John Spencer will not flake off and run for President, unlike possibly KT MacFarland, who we hear has ideas. The Photogenic Family means John Spencer's affair with his secretary is no big whoop, because see, he loves his children. John Spencer has no worse than a 1-in-20 chance of beating Hillary Clinton. Okay, maybe 1-in-30. John Spencer is a Fighter for New York. John Spencer is not that John Spencer, that one is dead. And he's not that Jon Spencer either. John Spencer may or may not be less crazy than KT MacFarland. John Spencer isn't racist just because he once said 'Chinaman's chance' to describe Jeanine Pirro's odds of getting the Conservative Party line--see, there's a smiling Asian man right there!"

I hear someone watched the debate.


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