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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Ah, muck.

Raked all over Carl Andrews. Mostly raked by association--that is, Carl Andrews has some pretty sleazy friends. Extended quotes below the fold.

I have to say, when the Voice asks why no one is trying to tar the guy with this stuff, I have to wonder whether it's because it's so damn hard to follow. It appears that what's going on is an extended shakedown operation of would-be candidates, but you kind of have to read between the lines.

Placed on the state senate payroll at Norman's request in 1994 ("Fees and Thank You," July 19–25), Andrews wound up collecting $138,000 in campaign payments from candidates Norman endorsed, including Thompson and Spitzer, only climbing off the gravy train when Norman handed him a suddenly vacant senate seat in 2002. Andrews also collected $137,242 in receivership commissions from Brooklyn judges beholden to Norman and thousands more in auctioneer fees from a surrogate court judge whose campaign Andrews managed and who was ultimately forced from office in disgrace. Andrews's state salary since Norman became his employment agent—including four years as Spitzer's director of intergovernmental operations—totals another $969,855.59.
Andrews delivered $55,000 in precious senate grants in 2004 and 2005 to the Local Development Corporation of Crown Heights, which has retained Clarence Norman as a consultant. Started by Norman's father in the 1980s, the LDC had also collected $371,500 since 2003 in assembly funding from Norman, who, as a leading member of the Democratic assembly majority at the time, had much more pork power than Andrews. The GOP senate majority greatly limits the so-called "member items" that Democrats control, so Andrews tried, in a Voice interview, to lowball what he'd given, insisting "it was just $5,000 or $10,000."

The LDC got $1.4 million in city and state grants in 2004, the last year it filed its annually required reports with Spitzer's office. It spent almost half of that on "consulting and school education services."
While Andrews and Boone were two of the Norman associates routinely placed on the payroll of Norman- endorsed candidates, the new star in that boutique business is Moses "Musa" Moore, who's collected over $370,000 from at least 18 candidates, most of it since 2005. At 34, Moore, who was also paid a total of $110,000 as a senate aide to Andrews until this January, is now coordinating the congressional campaign out of his Visibility Consulting storefront headquarters at 1622 Bedford Avenue.
... Cynthia Boyce, a black Harvard grad who, aided by her mother, loaned her own civil court campaign $110,000 last year, paid Moore $81,105 of the $155,755 she spent. She lost anyway, and told the Voice that it was Andrews who first recommended Moore. She met with Andrews early in the campaign and, right after he agreed to endorse her, he urged her to hire Moore. "Let me make it clear," Boyce remembers Andrews telling her, "you make your own decision," never connecting his own endorsement to Moore's hiring. Moore acknowledges that "Carl introduced me to Boyce," adding that he did the same with civil court candidate Bernard Graham in 2004, the first campaign Moore coordinated. Boyce says Moore "sincerely worked hard and was very visible," though she conceded that she did not know how Moore spent what she paid him, most of which was supposed to pay for a field operation. "It would be nice to have a better breakdown of the finances," she said.

In 2005, Moore was also paid $20,000 by Diana Johnson, a Supreme Court judge running for surrogate; $56,142 by another civil court candidate, Norma Jennings; $3,000 by district attorney candidate John Sampson; $30,000 by mayoral candidate Gifford Miller; and $74,450 by City Council candidate Letitia James. All but James lost, and most of them had hired Moore before he even incorporated his fledgling firm in June. Moore was also paid $11,150 by Norman's assembly committee, and even got $3,375 from Mark Green's 2001 mayoral campaign. Another $245,000 payment that Green simultaneously made to Norman's club is still the subject of a Hynes grand jury probe, though Green has personally been cleared of any charges.


  • At 2:28 PM, Blogger Solomon Grundy said…

    i for one can't follow it.

  • At 2:44 PM, Blogger Solomon Grundy said…

    speaking of shakedowns, did you see rangel discussing yassky this morning on kirtzman&kramer? he was all ominous, "i'm assuming that two of the black candidates will drop out of the race if they want to preserve that seat. i'm not saying i have an opinion, i'm just saying that's what i assume will happen."

    in other words, i don't have an opinion, but if they ever want to eat in this town again, i'm assuming they will do what i want them to.

  • At 3:30 PM, Blogger Antid Oto said…

    Please. See Rock Hackshaw's Al Sharpton Needs to Shut Up. Period. for just how ridiculous Sharpton's stance in this race is.


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