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Thursday, July 27, 2006

San Francisco: Salon this Friday

Reginald Lamar, a friend of Left Behinds, has been throwing a monthly salon in San Francisco that sounds very cool. The last salon in San Francisco is this Friday (after which he'll start doing them in New York).

on monday i am moving to new york city. we have lost our lease and i feel it is time to move on. the highlight of living at 3435 army for the last year has been the birth of my beauty salon series. this has been a place for artists and musicians to try things. to do things they may not do elsewhere, a chance to be intimate with an audience that is paying attention. for our work it has been a chance to roll out of bed and sing for a small group of our friends, to share in a vulnerable way the stuff i am working on in a very direct manner. the songs i work on for my band, mutilated mannequins, started with me and a keyboard, then we added beats and guitar. this series for me and for the friends i have invited to play has represented a stripping away, a kind of exposure. a nakedness.

please join us on friday for the last of what has for me been a beginning.


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