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Friday, July 14, 2006

Que Sera Suri?

My good friend, who I'll call Snugglethunder, is convinced (along with most of the blogosphere) that the TomKat pregnancy was staged. Not that Tom wasn't the father, but that Katie was never pregnant. Snugglethunder can cite detailed photographic evidence that Katie's bump grew and shrank asynchronously, and that Katie was in fact "pregnant" for 11 months.

I'm most interested in why they would have staged a pregnancy, but here is a quick precis of the case against TomKat.

This site explores some of the evidence.

or, more thoroughly, there's this timeline of Katie's fluctuating bump:

A skeptic on that site retorted that "As for the side by side photos, your baby drops down into position, placing the head downward into the pelvis. Once this happens it can drastically change the appearance of your baby bump."

In breaking news, one blogger even managed to produce the very first photos of Suri (which have been ruthlessly supressed in the MSM).

Snugglethunder, however, was so unimpressed with the case for TomKat.

That comment about the baby dropping is total bullshit. Yes, the baby drops toward the end -- it drops *down*, not, like, *inward*. No woman in the history of pregnancy has ever had a bump that got smaller when the baby dropped!

Check this picture out, taken in October 2005. Is this woman six months away from giving birth? Nein!

And *then* look at any of these pictures, also taken in October 2005 (take note of, say, the one furthest to the left in the second row down). The whole thing is a sham!

Also, Katie Holmes is blatantly not pregnant in that video. She walks like a woman with a pillow strapped to her belly, which is what she is.

Oh and her boobs never got bigger, and they're not bigger now, even though she's "breastfeeding" (try to find the hilarious photo of Katie with her nursing bra unhooked -- priceless!).

I can't fathom why they staged a pregnancy any more than I can fathom why they staged the whole relationship in the first place. And now, it's clear that they didn't think the whole thing through, or perhaps something has gone wrong and they're stalling for time until they can figure out a solution. I don't know.

So why would they stage a pregnancy? I am in the middle of researching Scientologist doctrine about women's bodies and sex with women and why both are very, very bad. More on that later this afternoon.


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