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Thursday, July 27, 2006

NYC Street Furniture: Water Testing Stations

Brit in Brooklyn is starting a new series about street furniture, and the first post investigates, Colbert Report style, water testing stations. One of the reasons I would be a bad father is that if my child were ever to ask "daddy, what are those funny metal box things I see on the street?" I would make up a story about damaged parking meters and nuclear holocaust preparation. There are huge bodies of knowledge I just don't know anything about. Not in a normal way, but in a defy-common-sense way. Like, if a kid were to ask me how televisions worked, my only point of reference would be Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. "Why is the sky blue, daddy?" "Because God decided to let you live for one more day, son. Silly question."

But now, at least, if my kid asks about street furniture, I can just send him to BiB.

Who am I kidding, any kid of mine would be in boarding school by age 6.


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