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Thursday, July 13, 2006

A Man of Principle

Peter Kalikow.

Kalikow, who has vowed to stay at the helm of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority after his patron, Gov. Pataki, leaves office, said the position's term is set at six years by state law for a reason - to ensure a measure of independence.

Gubernatorial terms are four years.

"If the agency isn't independent, fare increases are left to when it's politically expedient, which is never," Kalikow said. The result would be "broken-down subway cars, graffiti, no air conditioning, no money spent on infrastructure."

Yes, we need Peter Kalikow to save our subway system. And give away public real estate for a fraction of its value, of course.

Later on the article tries to claim Kalikow is not, in fact, Pataki's bitch. I can't even be bothered with that nonsense.


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