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Thursday, July 27, 2006

DMI Scorecard Campaign

DMI (who have been very nice to us) are looking to fundraise to keep going a Google campaign promoting their very cool Legislative Scorecard (6 million people have viewed their Google campaign so far).

Here's the cross-post:

In Congress at the Midterm: Their 2005 Middle-Class Record, DMI gave each member of Congress a grade based on how they voted on legislation of importance to current middle-class and all Americans aspiring to join the middle-class. The scorecard included bills about raisingraising the minimum wage, the estate tax, the energy bill and more.
On June 20, we launched a one month Google AdWord campaign so that any person using Google to find information on their Member of Congress would instantly see an advertisement showing that member's grade on the scorecard and a link to their full report card.
We need your help to keep our Google campaignrunning.Please help DMI raise $16,693.15 and keep our Middle-Class Google Ads through November 7!!

You're a blog reader. You know the DMI Congressional Middle Class Scorecard. Maybe you are one of the many, many blogs that has used the scorecard as a resource. Now you can help us keep the google adwords campaign alive so it can continue to give countless web surfers vital information about their elected representatives. Look- it only takes 300 people to donate $50 today to make the goal. But we are happy with $10, $20, $5,000, whatever you like!!
Since June 20, 6,802,566 people have seen our ads and learned more about their members of Congress, the important legislation debated in DC in 2005, and today's obstacles to achieving the American Dream.
Donate Today:
To keep the campaign active, we need to raise $16,693.15. Please click here to donate today.
Blog It Today:If you are a blogger please help us by cross posting this on your blog so we can spread the word.
If 300 people donate $50 today, we can make it, and let Congress know that millions of Americans are watching.
We'll be tracking our fundraising progress here the DMIblog because we view this as a netroots campaign at its heart. This is a chance to show the power of the netroots in forcing more government transparency so help us spread the word and if you can donate, please do.


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