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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Antid Oto's Politics Have Mellowed A Lot Over The Past Four Years

I just want you guys to know who you're really dealing with.

I have never met Antid Oto in person (his was the only response to my Craigslist ad for "ANY1 WANT 2 START PINK BLOG W/QT?"), and I've finally gotten around to doing a background check.

It turns out that our own trusted (at least until now) Antid Oto spent some time on the sectarian socialist circuit over in Blimey. He honed his writing skills on Indymedia UK railing against the bourgeoisie "and so-called 'labour' party," elaborating on the oxymoronic nature of "so-called capitalist ethics" and questioning the Trotskyite bona fides of "so-called socialists" (he was also apparently a big fan of the phrase "so-called").

Read on, if you can.

The so called 'socialist' organisations who take place in big anti-capitalist mobilisations across Europe and elsewhere are keen to discredit the Black Block and other Anarchists as a small minority who spoil demonstrations for the majority of peaceful demonstrators. This says a lot about groups such as the Cliffite SWP who are more than happy to betray the Black Block and Anarchists to the cops and open them up to state repression, whilst they side with their own bourgeoisies on all manner of issues and show as always that their self-proclaimed 'revolutionary' credentials and statements are an empty and intentionally misleading cover for their reformist and rotten labourite politics.

Who are you?


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