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Thursday, June 22, 2006

DMI's Response to My Critique of Its Scorecard

The good people at DMI just responded to my critique of their middle class scorecard.

He's absolutely right -- our scorecard is not a poll of what people in a particular income segment believe in terms of public policy. Instead, we're interested in discussing legislation that would support and expand the American middle class (or, as is far more common this year, bills that would undercut and shrink it). The aim is both to inform readers about how Congress voted and to educate them about the issues. And nowhere is the distinction between the existing state of public opinion and the reality of policies that would benefit the middle class and aspiring middle class more evident than the case of immigration.

They make some great points, and as soon as I finish some work I'm going to comment on it.

Mostly I'm just excited to be getting the word out about the proper use of "begging the question."


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