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Monday, May 08, 2006

Who's Been Whispering In the Ears of the Dems?

Neoliberal, third-way, reactionary schmucks like this, apparently. How else to explain their stunningly consistent lack of cajones or principles?

As Eleanor Clift said on Sunday, concerning the Democrats' craven rubber-stamping of the $70 billion spending bill for U.S. operations in Iraq (which they didn't even take as an occasion to question the progress of the war, because that would be, um, what the American public wants but they're too chickenshit to deliver):

It is shameful that the Democrats all supported -- every single Democrat supported this spending bill. One, they're afraid of being called unpatriotic if they challenge it. But every Democrat except Rockefeller, who didn't vote at all, supported it. But 21 Republicans voted against this bill because it is larded with pork. The president is saying -- he's threatening a veto because it's larded with pork.

It is such an example of spinelessness on the part of the Democrats. They even had political coverage with almost half the Republicans objecting to this bill, and yet they still stood up and saluted.


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