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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Tony explains

Dan Froomkin:

Snow was on Hugh Hewitt 's radio show yesterday, and while defending his use of the term as utterly innocent, he said he won't be using it again.

"HH: Now I've got a couple of issues of the day for you. First, the Post this afternoon, on their blog, is blasting you for the use of the term tar baby. Is that just a way of smacking Tony Snow around to welcome him into the game?

"TS: Well, apparently, what's happened is, apparently some people are unfamiliar with the pathways of American culture, and don't realize the old Uncle Remus story where somebody hugs a tar baby.

"HH: Exactly.

"TS: And the point is, I wasn't going to get myself involved in an issue that would be very difficult to extract myself from. So I look upon that -- if that's the worst that happens, that's not so bad.

"HH: Agreed.

"TS: I've decided, though, because it's a classic case of, I think, somebody trying to sort of pick a fight. I'll probably take that out of my toolchest of rhetorical devices, rather than having to explain a hundred and fifty years of American culture."

I'm having a hard time believing that Solomon and I understand American culture less than Tony Snow. I suppose anything's possible. Monkeys might fly out of my butt.

As long as we're on Froomkin:

Much mirth in the briefing room over Snow's ducking -- for the second day in a row -- of entirely reasonable questions about the role of the president's chief political adviser in a criminal matter.

"Q Has Karl Rove spoken to you about the CIA leak case?

"MR. SNOW: No, he hasn't.

"Q Has any member of the administration spoken to you about the CIA leak case?

"MR. SNOW: Yes.

"Q Who?

"MR. SNOW: I'm not going to tell you. (Laughter.)

"Q Has any White House lawyer spoken to you about the case?

" MR. SNOW: Again, I just -- didn't I just tell you that I'm not going to tell you who I've spoken with?

"Q I'm just asking.

"MR. SNOW: I know. Good questions. (Laughter.)"

You can hear all the giggles on the video . I wasn't there, so I can't say exactly how widespread it was. But it would have been more appropriate if some members of the press corps had instead demanded that Snow explain why he wouldn't answer.

I'm not going to tell you? What the fuck is that?

via Crooks and Liars

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  • At 2:04 PM, Blogger Solomon Grundy said…

    It is hilarious to acknowledge that one has cheerfully ceded one's duty as a journalist. "We're just parrots for the administration's propaganda! Har har!"


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