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Saturday, April 22, 2006

And Madeleine Albright Was the Feminine Clintonite

According to The Corsair, "In an interview in the The New York Times Magazine that will appear this coming Sunday, Madeleine Albright reveals, among other things, that even at 68, she works out three times a week 'and I can leg-press up to 400 pounds.' This follows a discussion of how she does not expect to re-marry, partly because, as she says, 'I'm intimidating, don't you think?'"

What's the difference between a Bush woman and a Clinton woman?

A Bush woman would leg-press the 400 pounds, but she'd blame the liberal media.

Hm, I tried a couple incarnations of that "joke."

"... but whoever leaked the info would be on the next boat to Gitmo."

"...but she'd close her eyes and think of Texas."

"...but she'd go for reps rather than weight, because unlike Bill, Bushie's not an ass man."

Surely, readers, you can come up with a better punch line? My brain isn't working this evening.


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