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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Low comedy

Week for week, is there a more entertaining Republican Party in the nation than our own, hapless NYGOP?

Edward J. Rollins, a former political adviser to President Reagan and H. Ross Perot, said yesterday that he would not resign as senior adviser to Kathleen Troia McFarland, who is challenging Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

In an interview, Mr. Rollins said that he was coming under pressure from the state party chairman, Stephen J. Minarik III, because he had "spoken the truth" about his performance as the party leader.

"How strong and orderly does the Republican Party look to you? Has Steve Minarik raised any money, won any races?" Mr. Rollins said. He made similar criticisms in a television interview broadcast on NY1.
Ms. McFarland expressed support yesterday for Mr. Rollins, who said, "To blame me for giving us Hillary Clinton, after I worked for just six weeks for Perot, is pretty absurd."

I bet they wish they'd stuck with Jeanine Pirro. At least she was only a little nuts.

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