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Friday, December 16, 2005

Arsenic Lullaby: Year of the Fetus

Actually, that's not just a fetus, it's a zombie fetus, created by a witch doctor who's discovered they're easier to manage than full-grown zombies, if gooier. He gets them by dumpster-diving behind an abortion clinic. I was thinking about comics I've discovered in the last year and trying to decide if there were any I really, really liked, and Arsenic Lullaby is it. It's kind of a bitch to order (basically, you have to get your local store to special-order it for you, although the mail order form is here), but worth it. (You can order it on the Arsenic Lullaby website, but for some reason it's $50 there, and I bought my copy for $20 at the store, so something's not right.) Previews below.






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