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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Frankie Pulls Through?

One of my first good friends in college was this activist kid, Frankie. We took a tiny seminar together, we worked in campus labor and feminist movements together. He invited me to join the Men's Leadership Committee, I blushingly accepted. He poured his heart out to me about his crush on this feminist activist Kim, my heart silently broke (why couldn't he have had a crush on me?). It was freshman year, and Frankie seemed like exactly the kind of progressive intellectual/activist I had gone to college to discover: the perfect, pouty-lipped embodiment of theoria turned into praxis.

Fast forward a number of years, and Frankie has just taken over some neoliberal magazine. I rolled my eyes when I heard about it. "That magazine?" I thought. I knew he knew better. Didn't Frankie remember our long, sexually tense (OK, maybe not from his perspective) late-night conversation about Aristotle's distinction between eupraxia and dyspraxia?

But judging from this email blast, I think Frankie (the real Frankie -- my Frankie) is finally having some influence on his rag.

Jonathan Chait also has an important essay on the strange state of our economy. Economists are scratching their heads trying to determine why the latest round of economic growth has failed to raise the wages of all but the richest Americans. Chait ponders this important economic mystery and explains its implication for the Democratic Party. This recent round of data challenges the economics of Robert Rubin, Bill Clinton, and, if we're honest, The New Republic.
Um, scratching their heads? Really? The whole thing's a trifle ingenuous. But I guess one has to be polite when one is trying to realign the theoretical leanings of one's magazine.

Frankie, I knew my old crush on you wasn't completely misbegotten. I knew you'd pull through.


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