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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Why I am Proud to Be a Left Behinder, Pt. I

I was the one who came up with the name for this blog (back when the blog was supposed to be a radical queerklatch between me and Birdknowledge, before antid oto joined and made it a much better and less parochial affair). It came to me as I was reading an article about apocalyptic evangelicals. Last Days-ers. The folks (including key Bush administration advisors) who, according to Bill Moyers, believe we don't have to sweat any long-term or even medium-term problems because we'll be in the kingdom of God before we have to deal with any of those consequences. Or, really, that they will, and that the rest of us, the non-believers, the left-behinders, will rot in the hell that the kingdom of man will become without the influence of the true believers.

The idea (aside from the silly pun) was to reclaim that role. Yeah, we'll be left behind to clean up the mess of the radical right, which is why we have to actually address the problems of the reality-based community. And we're going to do it one silly pun at a time.

This is also an actual, never-before-uttered fantasy of mine, that Last Days-ers have a top secret pact to become a super-sized suicide cult, and that one day, POOF, they'll all be gone, and the only crap we'll have to deal with from them (aside from budget deficits and global warming) will be how to build mass graves to dispose of their discarded earthly shells. To which I say: Bon voyage, crazies!

I have to run, but in the next installment (which I actually wrote by hand in a journal yesterday while having an espresso), I will tell the story of my first encounter with a Last Days-er. And in the third installment, I'll investigate the Rapturous tendencies of Ray Kurzweil and other crazies who believe in an imminent post-human future.


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