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Wednesday, April 05, 2006


The editor of The Politicker has jumped ship to the Daily News (a mere month after I wrote a magazine story about Politicker, harumph).

The new blog seems pretty much exactly like Politicker, minus the insiderey commenters. Thing is, the commenters were half the fun. Instead, they've all moved to this blog, which suffers from not having Ben lead the discussion. And the old Politicker seems dead in the water. So basically the site split into three, and nobody's the better for it.

So far, not so good, but let's see how things shake out. Most interesting was this bitter comment in Daily Gotham:

"There are stories you know people are not writing about; and yet, political citizen reporting of any kind in New York City is almost impossible."

Liza, uh - what are you talking about?

There is a ton of good local citizen journalism. Just off hand here are some:

atlantic yards
daily heights
gotham gazette
onnyturf (disclaimer: this is mine)
tenant (get their email news letter)

They all do their own original reporting, and plenty have lots and lots of depth. Ben Smith is an insider gossip columnist tool. And his newest venture at community blogging, which I will not name, is a joke - just more insider baseball crap. Smith does almost no revelatory work.

If you want to help grow the NYC grassroots media community, link to more of the above websites in your front page stories. There is plenty going on out here.

(p.s. Left Behinds has been used as a source on a number of those, sweet)

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